The worst thing about a totalitarian regime and its dictator

Some people just cannot and will not delegate and as a result they end up doing everything themselves or they micro-manage if others are involved and drive everyone crazy, mad and in some cases they cause tragedies…

Turkey’s prime minister is a good example of this. If he were running his family business, I suppose, as public audience with some brain, we wouldn’t mind his idiosynracies. But he is not running his family business. He has been in charge of a whole country for more than a decade. A decade that is stained by all sorts of disasters, cockish attitude of the government in the face of these, not to mention discrimination against women, sexually otherwise oriented, religously otherwise oriented, ethnically otherwise rooted and many more. A year ago, an earthquake demolished Van with many casualties. Six months ago Turkish army bombed 33 Turkish citizens, with no official apology, pointing fingers to the source of the intelligence that those people were PKK supporter who were smuggling drugs. Few weeks ago, a recon jet flew into Syrian airspace and got shot down. As to the reasons why that plane was in another sovereign country’s air space, the public got a petty radar testing mission. Few days ago, flod killed 8 people, of whom 6 were children at their homes builtby the government as a part of the urban transformation project. The blocks were built on an old river bed. Again the government of Erdogan was very sure about the impossibility of predicting that much rain in a region known for its heavy rains year round.

There is no way that I could agree with every policy of a conservative government but still I would have hoped that it wouldn’t kill and destroy everything in its way. In Turkey, basic constitutional rights are being ignored. The police don’t even need a warrant to arrest people anymore. Over 700 university students are detained for charges of protesting against the government. A year and a half ago, a retired teacher was killed by police pepper spray during protests. A woman was raped by several policemen and another was beaten at a police station, only to be found guilty of resisting the police. Turkish press is quiet, as have long acquiesced. Only yesterday, Tory MPs were glorifying Turkey and its ‘mildly’ islamic government. The world seems to be interested (to a degree, understandably) only in the games of power and how Turkey might be use to them, therefore looking over the lack of democracy and constitutinal rights. But then again, would they be justified if they criticised Turkey?

Some people are benefiting from all the aggresive policies in the world. That is clear as ice. And apparently, they don’t care about the people who keep dying under the suppresion and stupidity and negligence of their own governments. For all I care they can have all the money in the world as long as they leave others alone.

I can’t watch anything nice about Turkey without thinking of all the horror in the back ground. In this Turkey is a lot like Russia for me. I cannot imagine anything nice about these countries without considering the suffering behind. Turkey,like Russia, has changed one dictator and totalitarian regime for another. It looks as though the majority of people of Turkey don’t want freedom or any prospect of such freedom since only a handful of critics exist in the current scene (which is very dangerous for those ho speak openly). When Erdogan’s party came to power they promised ro get rid of all the jacobian ways of the ultra-republicans (the army in particular). Erdogan repeated numerously that it was the rule of the people now not the rule of elites. I was never convinced that he was earnest but if he was…he messed up big time. He is no longer the promised leader of the rule of the people, he is just another dictator with great greed for personal power. He had all the chance to make a difference in the long, bloody history of this country but he has rejected it.

The death toll aside, the worst thing about being a dictator is the responsibility of the damages done to your subjects. If you insist that you will do everything on your own and you are the only one capable and will not listen to anybody, then when things go pear shaped, everybody knows who to blame. Not the rain, not the drug mules, not the earthquake…


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