The worst thing about a totalitarian regime and its dictator

Some people just cannot and will not delegate and as a result they end up doing everything themselves or they micro-manage if others are involved and drive everyone crazy, mad and in some cases they cause tragedies…

Turkey’s prime minister is a good example of this. If he were running his family business, I suppose, as public audience with some brain, we wouldn’t mind his idiosynracies. But he is not running his family business. He has been in charge of a whole country for more than a decade. A decade that is stained by all sorts of disasters, cockish attitude of the government in the face of these, not to mention discrimination against women, sexually otherwise oriented, religously otherwise oriented, ethnically otherwise rooted and many more. A year ago, an earthquake demolished Van with many casualties. Six months ago Turkish army bombed 33 Turkish citizens, with no official apology, pointing fingers to the source of the intelligence that those people were PKK supporter who were smuggling drugs. Few weeks ago, a recon jet flew into Syrian airspace and got shot down. As to the reasons why that plane was in another sovereign country’s air space, the public got a petty radar testing mission. Few days ago, flod killed 8 people, of whom 6 were children at their homes builtby the government as a part of the urban transformation project. The blocks were built on an old river bed. Again the government of Erdogan was very sure about the impossibility of predicting that much rain in a region known for its heavy rains year round.

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